Some people are unable to feel better about themselves until they have managed to make someone else feel worse than they do.
A Case For Staying In Your Own Lane In Life And On The Internet
Charlotte Franklin

The “ crabs in a bucket” phenomenon is an unfortunate corollary to the information and social bubbles that form all over the internet. It’s like the mass forming antibodies to prevent one of its number from breaking away or perhaps even breaking through a shared illusion that keeps the group anchored in mutual shared worldviews. I guess all I’m talking about is the same old peer pressure we’ve all experienced. Personally, I feel awful if I think I’ve made someone else feel bad; I would make a terrible troll!

I have seen occasions where bloggers engaged their trolls and treated them with loving kindness and became friends with them. But it takes a special sort to be able to manage that, and the troll has to be open to it. If only people would stop screaming at each other and treat each other like human beings, there could be communication. And the media as it is is making it worse. We can only be the change! 😊

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