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There are many areas where society is broken. This is one of them. Society says they want to rehabilitate sex offenders and other criminals. No, what they really want is to put them in a box, lock up that box and throw away the key. That won’t solve the problem, because the things that create the offenders in the first place will keep churning out newly minted ones in the meantime. People don’t want to deal with criminals; they want “crime” as a concept scooped up and segregated where it can’t touch their children. In many ways, that only concentrates the criminality and then, when the prisons overflow, their children now have to face criminals gone nuclear. We’re already the nation with the highest prison population in the world. Prisons are for-profit machines now, and the idea of “rehabilitation” is but a fond dream of yesteryear. Now it is all about keeping the bad and evil people away from the good and vulnerable people. Putting a large portion of the population into a harsh box is not going to keep society safe. All it will do is foment a toxic conflict sometime in the nebulous future. Put the problem in a box until we figure out how to solve it, which we never will. In the meantime, the boxes overflow, and the problem soon will become an epidemic and then endemic. No one will be able to escape it. Long story short: stigma is why people hide their true natures, why people cannot be candid, why people will always have secrets. Even those people with the most bizarre fetishes are still people; if they are dehumanized, it is easier for society to shove them away and for them to either be treated like cattle or to fight back in ways that dehumanize the whole of society. That’s not the outcome I want to see. But your safety is paramount, and all you can do is to be truthful and above-board and not give them any excuses. Take care, my friend!

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