the most valuable attribute I possess is my ability to commit when inspired.
I Was Inspired By The World
Cody Steven-Lewis

This is a great account! I have the opposite attribute: I don’t seem to get inspired beyond a fleeting instant. I become “interested” but somehow it dissipates and I am overwhelmed by the mass of undone tasks. Appropriately to your story, I also have thrown around the idea of getting a tattoo but have never committed to it. Like you, I have the vision of the owl, an artistic rendering of such, seen long ago in an Egyptian design book, an owl with psychedelic eyes. But, also appropriately, an owl in Samurai armor might be more relevant to my interests in my later life, as I am fascinated by aspects of Japanese history, mainly of the Edo era. I really did enjoy your story; you tell it well, and I’m sure I would be exhausted if I hung out with you! You’re so alive!

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