why not pay writers based on the number of reads they get?
Instead of a paywall why not pay writers based on the number of reads they get?
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We used to get paid by views on Yahoo Contributor Network, but the views we got were strongly governed by whether the editors thought your story was good enough to be featured. Apart from that, the stories that got the most views were often sensational clickbait stuff; the assignment desk offered small advance payments for short pieces. I was rather bad at writing in a timely fashion then, so I was never able to make very much at it. But the whole model seemed to go down the toilet in the end and by the time it was Yahoo!Voices, it was dead in the water, although they were paying better per article by then.

Also, when the articles were syndicated to another service, the lowly writers got a flat fee, like $2 I think per piece, and the other service paid Yahoo for the article, who knows how much (this was for articles on which we were paid more and gave up all rights to). Even as marginal a writer as I was there, I got tons more views there than here. Either I suck really bad now or I’m just writing things that people mostly don’t read.

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