Here is another one I wrote a while back about the village, Betta.
Eric Leroy

Wow, Eric! It really sounds like Bliznatsi is like the eastern European version of southern middle Tennessee! It is tick season here too, but that season lasts for most of the year. I’ve seen ticks here in December. We use Advantix to keep fleas, ticks, and other bugs off our two dogs, but sometimes they still manage to pick them up. And, like you, the humans pick ’em up too. I’ve usually found them on my legs or around my waistline, occasionally stuck on my back. The seed ticks are the worst, because they’re so hard to see. And the fire ants invade year-round too, their mounds rising after every rain. I finally stopped putting poison down on every mound I found in the yard, because I became worried the dogs would get into it. We just steer them around. I call ’em Antropolis when the mounds get truly big. The biggest mound I can remember in the yard was about two feet in diameter (above ground at least) and at least a foot high. I used half a bag of ant granules on that one, and it didn’t do much good anyway.

Haha, I could complain about the annoying and dangerous critters here all day (although I am slow to respond on here as you might have noticed — too much internal hesitation of thought and impetus).

…and yeah, we have snakes too, sometimes rat snakes (there’s one living in my garage) and sometimes rattlesnakes (hoping not to see anymore of those any time soon), occasionally little garter snakes (usually already dead from predator action). There’s a family of groundhogs who live under our porch, and an armadillo who tears up the front yard and drives my boxer mix Kamikaze absolutely nuts. The squirrels parade across the roof in the morning too. That drives the dogs crazy too.

I should be outside clipping branches and burning detritus, but I’m too lazy (and half crippled from sciatic pain and fibromyalgia). It is interesting to know that a little village halfway around the world from me seems so similar in character (although I’d hate to have to come upon a dead dog). It sounds like you have coyotes too. Maybe you’ve got foxes and wildcats? We do! No bears yet in this wilderness south of Nashville, but they’re in east Tennessee.