I currently have just over $120 in “Wal-bucks,”
And don’t forget to log your receipt at:
Jack Preston King

Wow, Jack, that’s an amazing accrual there! I had checked out the Savings Catcher thing briefly and I guess I misunderstood it. I just entered my receipt at the site, and we’ll see what happens. I just hope it is something I can redeem without a smartphone. So many things are smartphone specific these days, and I am the country cousin (literally) with a dumbphone. But you’re right about Walmart being the only choice for lots of rural folks, although Dollar General is really tearing it up around here. They actually built a store about 10 miles from my house; I was flabbergasted! But, being isolated and kind of small, the prices are a little bit higher. But the convenience of the thing — city folk have no idea…

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