I would avoid Cobra/Bhujangasana, and Wheel/UrdhvaDhanurasana, Virabhandrasana 2/Warrior 2, Viraparita Virabhadrasana/Reverse Warrior, Revolved Triangle/Parivritta Trikonasana, Uttanasana/Forward Fold, Lung Twist, Thread the Needle, and actually most twists will be an issue.
There are a number of Yoga asanas that can worsen bulged discs.

Wow, that’s like a lot of the main stuff I do in yoga class! I think I’m gonna have to have a talk both with my instructor and with my doctor to try to modify my activities. I still do swimming for cardio, so I hope I can still do that! The information around the internet seems to be contradictory in some respects, but I did notice that twisting poses were cautioned and that I’d have to do them impeccably with perfect alignment, or else they’d be dangerous. Thanks for the warnings, BHD! The pain doctor didn’t seem to focus much on modifying my yoga practice, but I think he believes I’m aware enough to do it on my own. As with most of life, it’s more complicated than it first glance. Namaste, my friend! 😖

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