there were water mocassins patroling the dark waters and even hanging from the trees.
You describe the life about you, including the more dangerous or even deadly elements, with an…
Eric Leroy

Yup, it’s odd that i knew those snakes were in the water, and yet I still swam in the copious central Florida lakes. Just damn lucky not to have been bitten or eaten by the wildlife! I appreciate the way you make my easy acceptance of the native fauna sound like I’m a well-adjusted hippie farm idealist. Really I just don’t have the money or the physical ability to clear my surroundings more effectively. Not that I’d exterminate the snakes — I need ’em to control the rodents!

Also, I’m willing to bet the airplane manufacturer was Grumman; my father-in-law used to maintain a pilot’s license and had a Grumman plane. It’s interesting how they discriminate against people who have fought on one particular side of the “war on drugs” isn’t it? I only do legal ones, and the government seems intent on blaming me for filling my prescriptions every month!

Well, I’m just rambling now…it’s time to do some stuff, but I’ll let Nature be for now. Cheers!