This is Transparent… IMF is not !

Dear Madame Lagarde,

What do you think of the markets today ? Do you think the UK will Brexit or not ? We haven’t seen or heard you yet today. What if a Puerto Rican default occurs now ? How do you see a contagion and how will you turn the tide ?

Madame Lagarde, why don’t you say something to the UK people ? The situation is alarming. Here in Belgium, we are holding our breath about the future of Europe. Could you say something hopeful, something energizng which will motivate the UK people to stay in the European Union, for God’s sake !

What changes do you foresee to stabilize the overall Eurozone. I am very concerned currently the bankers are tradings with the anticipation of a Brexit This will have an unexpected contagion on the markets, in addition to the Brexit, if any . Even without the Brexit, the Bank of England anticipates a recession. If the Brexit is all there is on their minds, the people must listen to the reason of someone like you. Please say something to stop the Brexit. If the United Kingdom is leaving, where do all the other countries have to go ?

I am glad that Greece received a relief from the European Central Bank, this week. It looks like this was decided right on time. The growth rates are hitting the bottom, even in America where the results for the Obama administration are not brilliant at all ?

I have asked the question before to you, Madame, what do we need to do ? What is your advise for the central bank and the governments. What is the level of interest rate on reserves and fund rates which the IMF authorizes to all the central banks in the world. They re the IMF’s members, they pay huge amounts of contributions to never be in the nasty situation that everyone is witnessing today, causing social unrest and strikes in the countries that are normally comfortable and peaceful. Again, what are the lesson t you have drawn from the Greek case ?

Would you please come out and address the world with a reassuring message to the governments, the industries, the banks and the workers. There is no better moment to display the know-how of the IMF, with the threat of a European Union breaking down right before our eyes. Not saying something will be felt like you are having a good time, while everyone else is being pressed like lemons

Europe’s people have contributed very huge amounts to the European Union in the hope of a guarantee for peace, stability and welfare. Should the European Union break up tomorrow following the will of one nation, the money must come back to each and every taxpayer in the 27 member states of the European Union. These countries signed the universal declaration of human rights which stipulates that slavery is forbidden and punishable.

I am discussing the IMF with everyone possible in the world in the context of the Orlando shootings, which criticized the diversity by slaughtering human beings. I am incriminating the HIV as the silent mass murderer. I am highlighting that austerity is a policy for HIV. That is what I believe until you explain what the austerity is for and how you measure the balance between austerity and fiscal responsibility. HIV is my answer until you tell us yours.

Meanwhile I am advising everyone to always think HIV before any major decision like a vote or a financial decision.

Please find my letter again for you with a lot more questions.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide the answers, just know that we will find ours by ourselves. I am looking forward to hearing from you about the Brexit at least.

I thank you for your time and attention.

Kind Regards


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