EU Directives Don’t Apply on the Big Secret for Economic Stability

Festival Mawazine is a pop festival in Morocco which lasts 8 days. During 8 days it provides delight and joy to the young people of Morocco and to the tourists. The performances are highly professional and of very good quality.

Lately, Mawazine has been introducing more daring artists causing hysteria, if not delirium, as well as a wrong understanding of what fame and celebrity involves. It involves discipline and control, and not just a show off.

Mawazine is pushing the limits and it is becoming the Woodstock of Africa, combining worthy multicultural music with sex tourism and drugs. The proceeds of it all, including from the cruel prostitution… involving victims of human traffic, go the Belgium. The earnings are most likely used for buying diamonds in Antwerp.

While a EU directive imposes taxes on tourism programs composed by Moroccan operators for attracting tourists from Europe, Mawazine seems to have worked around the EU measure by being a festival in Morocco and a lounge in Belgium. The festival in Morocco is not registered as a company. The company which is believed to run Mawazine is registered in Anwerp, in Belgium. In actual effect it is shisha bar where multicultural people get drugged and a multicultural nursury as well. The reason why the EU tax is not applied is to assure economic stability with multicultural perversion.

The founder of Mawazine is likely André Azoulay, the advisor to the King of Morocco. He is the guy in the picture. The King of Morocco, who’s foundation is King Mohammed V foundation never committed funds to any of the Mawazine enterprises, legal or illegal, be it in Belgium of Morocco. Mawazine is therefore not under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. The EU directive which impacts all the other countries in the world, except the members of the European Union, is likely a personal directive by Mr André Azoulay. He impresses the banks with billions of capital investment. Now we know how he does it. He has close links with the IMF.

I have asked His Majesty to give Mr Azoulay the boot.


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