Happy New Year Hijri 1439

It was New Year, on 22 September 2017. The whole Islamic world was celebrating the passover to another year. This holiday occurs just a few days after the Eid el Adha festival, when all the Muslims celebrate Prophet Abraham, when He was sent a sheep to sacrifice instead of his son Isaac. This theme from the Torah, the Bible and the Koran is commemorated every year in Islam with the ritual slaughtering of a sheep, in the best cas. When the means are absent for buying a bigger animal, a chicken is also appropriate.

With all the Muslim celebrations taken together, it made the Summer holidays last longer with weeks this year for the Muslims. The greatest fun was for the children who not only received plenty of new things for going back to school, but they were spoiled to excessive degrees this time with the Eid Adha and the New Year Hijri. The next big feast exclusively for the children is Ashora, in just a few days.

Have a wonderful, a prosperous and a happy 1439 !


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