Healing Cancer with Gold is the Promise

To the Chairman of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco

cc.: the Governor and Chairman
the Bank Al Maghrib ,
His Excellency, Mr Abdellatif Jouahri

Your Majesty King Mohammed VI
 Ever since I wrote “The Toxic Government Bonds” in April 2015, I have been very curious about who the banks or funds were which issued treasury bonds in Euro, which never yielding any interests at all for Morocco, and which caused the Moroccan government deficit to double in 10 years time between 2005 and 2015. I will be looking into the most recent Bank Al Maghrib report soon, to find out what’s become of those treasury bonds in Euro. 
Meanwhile, may I request to consider issuing bonds to support the Anaccell Corporation. In 2009, I sent a file to the former Minister of Economy of Morocco, Nizar Baraka to guide me in company creation in Morocco, where I wish to establish the first personalized organic cosmetics lab, given the availability of the knowledge and techniques from the traditional Arab medicine. The intention of course is to complement the current modern medicine with that and to make sick patience become very happy people again, as well as the health care fund managers.

You will find a letter introducing the Anaccell Corporation to the investors here on this link. It provides an overview of the current applications of the Anaccell biointelligence principles that take advantage of the very rapid wound healing capacity of the essential oils. The essential oils is what Anaccell uses to create skin care with incredibly good and lasting beauty effects.

I solved a skin problem and an allergy which the doctors couldn’t help me solve, in 2005. After the treatment, I never had a problem again because the skin(cells) began to respond normally, and I look almost half my age. I started making cosmetics for friends and family, but for making real money, this project needs a legal frame work. I have contacted Minister Nizar Baraka for this reason. 
I have never received an answer from Minister Nizar Baraka and the Anaccell brand registration got blocked in Morocco. A little later, I discovered that others were attracted by the concept for personalizing the cosmetics, and they tried to copy that. An example of a copycat is MyCodage in Paris. I had one “investor” named Mr Daniel C Renson, who showed me an article about MyCodage in Trends-Tendances in 2011. It was his tactic to get me explain more about how to blend essential oils which I didn’t do. Today I think that MyCodage may have something to do more with terrorism funding and much less with beauty.
 In the letter to the investors, I am responding to whether this can help cancer patients get better. The cancer research centers, among which the Princess Lalla Salma Foundation, have been attracting my attention for quite some years. Now I feel confident that we can go beyond stabilizing cancer infections. 
A former neighbor named Annemarie Devries, tried to push me into making products for palliative care before, but without a legal framework and serious backing from a medical authority, I am not prepared to experiment in this direction. There is a difference between making products just for the fun of beauty and making products for people with complex medical conditions like cancer.

That neighbor turned out a spy, possibly working for the Mayor of Zaventem. It is worth mentioning that I did have my questions about the cancer when I was living in Zaventem. Nearly all my neighbors in the building where I was living have had cancer at some point in their lives. They were constantly depressed and envious of blissful people. 
I am admitting my ignorance about cancer in that letter as nobody in my family so far, has been concerned with it, thanks to God. Anaccell needs to know what cancer is precisely. I have highlighted for the investors how far we can go for the moment. That letter was written on 29 July 2016.

Meanwhile it kept playing in my head on what would happen if undiluted essential oil were applied directly on a tumor. Will the tumor be killed ? Given the strength, I am definitely certain that essential oil will damage the healthy human tissue around the tumor and it might activate tumor cells and cause them to multiply instead of the healthy human cells. That was my fear and the reason why I refused trying anything with the palliative care, before.
“How can we reduce a tumor without damaging the tissue” was the question for which I needed an answer, because from that point onward, we could increase the general immunity to save the rest of the human body with the use of the essential oils. 
Ever since, I have done some leg work for financial support because doing the research requires time during which I don’t get paid, simply because I am not a doctor and Belgium (where I live) is a country that have never wanted to recognize a thing about me. This entire country has been at war with me since I was an adolescent preventing me from pursuing a higher education, they were determined to construct reason for sending me to jail, and doing everything to make of me a radicalized Muslim.
I have never hurt anybody or said a bad thing about this country until 5 years ago, when far too many adverse incidents happened and when my survival was in true danger, including frequent electricity cuts and an eviction from my home. I became homeless and I have been sleeping in the streets, in the metro’s and train stations until I found a shelter with the people from Senegal and a French-Moroccan family. The Belgian administration had been playing dirty very tricks on me until recently. Though I am homeless still and at risk of residing illegally in this country. 
I began to reveal my reality in this country, to a group of investors, in 2011, when I saw dirty trick being played on them too on behalf of the World Bank and infoDev raising funds with the Digital Unity project and the project for a network of multicultural incubators.

At first I didn’t understand how those plans for helping the Moroccan economy landed in Washington where the World Bank is headquartered. Then I found by accident an article in the Belgian Official Journal — my favorite litterature — indicating the appointment of the governor of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) as the governor of the World Bank IBRD and the IMF. The plans which I sent to the investors landed actually at the NBB in Brussels.

Even if this were so, I still didn’t understand the hatred against my country and my people until I figured that the radicalization and the human traffic was the ultimate reason, including against me. I outlined my entire situation in a letter to Minister Anis Birou of 26 March 2015 and in my witness against the Mayor of Zaventem following the terrorist attacks of 22 Marche 2016 at Brussels Airport.
 A meeting last Monday with diamond traders in Antwerp caused me to go much further in the search for a cancer cure. “What’s in it for the gold industry ?” I was asked. That question reminded me of a chemical analysis of lin seed oil containing traces of gold, which I read for structuring the cosmetics. “Lot’s of sales”, I answered, and I explained that gold is the chemical which inhibits inflammation. An inflammation could turn into cancer if left untreated. That is general knowledge. 
We will need various technologies making gold small enough to send it through the blood system without damaging the brain. It will be a challenge to make it at lease as small as a cancer cell. I am not sure if nano technology can help. What will help is to create a laboratory that investigates these things, and that is what the United Chambers does. Find out more in the briefing here on how Anaccell will be organized to function and to grow until it is ready for the stock market. 
 No matter how beneficial gold is, it is inanimate and not intelligent. Essential oils are and they can bring the gold to where it is needed. I can make preparations that reach the bone marrow. When I had the skin problem, I was making them under the form of a sleeping pill that I was taking a few hours before going to sleep and once again in higher quantity when going to bed. I woke up energized and looking 15 to 20 years younger. The effects were not stable in the beginning. I already looked older directly after eating breakfast, getting bags under the eyes without feeling tired, until I figured out that it was the sugar ruining the job of the essential oils. So the essences do take ingredients where they need to go. I think it is possible to program them to that. The Anaccell biointelligence system is a program.
Finally, dear Majesty King Mohammed, it will be ideal not to need any more operations for healing anything, including the cancer. That is precisely the difference between traditional (plant-based) medicine in our civilization and the modern medicine in the Western civilization. It looks like there are highly valuable sciences in the traditional medicine that are very advanced and that remained unexplored. Modern medicine has also excellent science. What we need for advancing mankind is a multicultural and a multidimentional approach, combining tradition and modernity. Morocco has done this successfully in the tourism sector, now the time has arrived to apply multiculturalism in the medical sector. Nobody has the monopoly over the health of anyone.
The tendency in modern medicine today is to make the surgeries as small as possible or to have no operation at all, and to personalize the drugs based on genetic data or DNA. Modern medicine is actually going backward in a good way. It will keep on going like this until it meets the standards of the ancient traditional plant-based medicine which has been existing freely in Morocco, and clandestinely in Europe.

The man who judged that the Arab medical science was much richer than the modern medical science was a Lebanese Doctor named Amine Matta. He is at least a surgeon, a midwife and an anesthesiologist at UCL-Saint Luc university hospital in Brussels. He is has more specializations, and despite all the modern knowledge, he would still make his Arab medicinal drinks with herbs and spices for private use. He is used to handling toxic substance for the purpose of healing every day. He would know how much the nervous system and the heart can take at a time.

The Belgian State interfered in my relation with him through a legal case against me at the end of 1990. I was accused of forging visas on the basis of official letters concerning Dr Matta’s brother who was needed to come to Belgium. It was an attempt by the government to loot the Lebanese doctor financially. You will find the whole story in “Is UCL Saint Luc a University Hospital or a Platform for human traffic ?” When you take all the bad luck I have had, it becomes hard to win any gold for a country like Belgium.

When it comes to cancer, I think this Lebanese Dr knows what is needed to create vaccines based on gold for example. I think this disease is about a degree of inflammation which gold can stop from spreading. Healing cancer will be part of the short and medium-term developments of the Anaccell Corporation.

In which bond would you believe ? In an Anaccell corporate bond in some Euro bond or in the SDR bond ? The choice is up to you.

Your Majesty King Mohammed VI, I will gladly answer any question you may have concerning Anaccell Corporation. From today onward and during one week, I will be revealing almost every day to the Mohammed V Foundation for solidarity more projects. Amongst them are Digital Unity, Halal Village (a hospitality rework), and an electrogravity power system. Together, they should form a sufficient number to create an investment basket with, to secure a return on investment for anyone who buys a stake in our innovations.

Beforehand, Your Majesty, I thank you deeply for any assistance you might be able to provide. Long live the King of Morocco.

Herewith I remain , your faithfully,


Enterprise Analyst and Innovation Consultant

e-mail : allahghaleb@firemail.de
Phone:+ 32 465 80 72 78
Fax or Voice Mail: + 1 206-339-7486
Twitter: Nahema @nahemamine


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