The Coffee Pest in Central America

On 19 January 2013, the news broke that a coffee pest was ruining the economy in Central America. It reportedly was a parasite destroying the coffee plant in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica… In 5 Central American countries at the same time, seemed like a deliberate operation by an Enemy, to me.

So who caused the coffee pest and why ?

My grandfather was a farmer in Kénitra (Morocco) where his farmland got robbed. He used to tell us about the sabotage of the crops by unfriendly foreigners, from Europe, who supply fertilizers full of fungus and other parasites, in order to supply later on another one to resist the parasite, and so on. It’s all about selling and tying the poor countries to loans for imports, and to empoverish them more. It’s about creating more misery by offering to correct one area in order to affect another area, and to prepare a future business like this. You have to be a systemist analyst to see that.

Because of the similarities with Morocco , I made sure that I filed the information about the coffee pest in Central America in the Godfather of Morocco, a study that I was working on, about the Moroccan economy which is secretly run by a mafioso who encourages prostitution for increasing HIV-AIDS infections, who arranges for the poor farmers to lose their land, who encourages other farmers in growing narcotics, who builds schools and universities for draining the brains of the Moroccan youth, who engaged in forming agricultural cooperatives in order to sell farming equipment with long term loans, obviously from institutions like the World Bank. You can download a copy of the Godfather of Morocco on this link.

The World Bank is big enough to attack so many countries at the same time in Central America, just like the whole of North Africa is currently being plagued by the pest, apparently with the intention to reduce the population. It is the only international financial institution which can supply loans to so many countries at the same time.

This so-called bank is run by former NAZI. It’s a not a bank, but a mafia. A mafia is a group of individuals who conspire together for looting the others. An analysis of the World Bank is on this link.

Morocco used to work with the World Bank all the time. The explanation for this is that the informal chairman of the World Bank is reportedly André Azoulay, the advisor to the King of Morocco.

The Moroccan farmers said that the World Bank doesn’t supply money. Instead, it supplies goats to the farmers. The farmers are supposed to milk the goats, to sell the milk, to earn the profits on the sales of milk, and to pay back the World Bank. That is how the World Bank was making money and the farmers became poor. You will find more criminal busines models like the above in the United Chamber website and on Allah Ghaleb, a website dedicated to the study of the Enemy in business and finance.

This may sound like a joke, but it’s true. The countries that borrow money from the World Bank don’t get cash in a real currency. They get the SDR, which is a currency that no bank is using and which is not available on the currency market. Only the World Bank and the IMF lend big amounts of SDR to the poor nations who used to believe that they were being helped.

The NAZI were the Enemy during World Wars I and II. As the World Bank is in Washington, the USA gets the blame for all the pests in the world, including HIV. It is the reason why America is called “the big Satan” in the Middle-East and Africa. As the World Bank used to be headed by presidents, mostly from the USA, with Jewish-sounding names like Zoellick, Wolfowitz, Wolfensohn, Clausen, Meyer, we are also supposed to believe that the Jews are Satan and they all come from Israel. The evil works like the coffee pest, the goats and the SDR were supposed to help the spread of antisemitism throughout the planet.

We know better than that. The governor of the World Bank (and the IMF) is the National Bank of Belgium, in Brussels. You will find the information in the extracts from the Belgian Official Journal here. That is country of the true Satan.

For a brief overview about the coffee pest in Central America, please go to Allah Ghaleb Intelligence, where this article is currently in progress.


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