We Need to Start the Discussion

I will be the last person on earth to prevent anyone from enriching themselves through conferencing. I encourage the freedom to get educated and to improve. I condemn the posing of obstacles .

I have been severely disadvantaged throughout my life in Belgium in the higher education and in job preparation. I am not alone. Many migrant children have been going through the same issues I faced growing up in Belgium. When the fact has been established that thousands of migrant like myself were disadvantaged in the same way, then it must have been a general policy. The policy consists of downgrading the migrant children, perhaps with the intention to disable their competition in the job market against the natives groups of the Belgian society.

By discussing my case openly, various personal stories are being gathered to examine the tactics which were played out on the disadvantaged students, and the responses from their communities. One example of a response is to open colleges and universities of one’s own, and to allow the growth that the people desire to have. That is what the Turkish community in Belgium has done. The Moroccan community — to speak about the largest non-European migrant group — has not provided any alternatives so far.

Instead of becoming angry on why I was prevented from getting a university degree in Belgium, by the faculties that I have been to, I have been working around the obstacles all my life for my job preparation, and for becoming successful despite the odds.

I was fortunate. I had people in my life who encouraged me, such as the bosses in various multinational corporations in Belgium, who pushed me to work hard and make the most of myself. I have been very attentive of how much Belgian encouragement I have received compared to the encouragement by the foreigners in Belgium. The support from the foreigners has been outweighing the support from the locals for nearly all my life, to the point that I had to think of different strategy for increasing the foreign support, without every growing angry with the local natives. They are victims too.

Every young Moroccan, at home and abroad deserves the same opportunities to get a world-class education, a pathway to apply for college or find a job, and a chance to lay a foundation for a career and a family.

The fact is that in Belgium, some groups have the odds stacked against them across multiple generations. And by so many measures, the group that is facing some of the most severe challenges in the 21st century are the Muslim boys and young men who are led into violent extremism. The women too are challenged by attemps to end up in the prostitution

That’s why we started projects. We eventually came up with strategies like “Growing Together”, CENEBP, Prodigy Food and Design, Aurum Helix Enterprise Lab, International Colors, Anaccell, United Chambers, the Multicultural Innovation Center, DNA-Business-Finance and many concepts to keep our brains active and positive for something better…

My dreams didn’t work out in Belgium. It’s a nightmare when you become the focus of hateful and jealous people. They’ve taken away all the plans.

I continued keeping our minds very busy for somewhere better, like New Morocco, which we will build ourselves. When we had figured out, what it is which was holding us down then only one name came up : Belgium. Therefore, quitting Belgium is a must for breaking free and for enjoying the advantages which life offers to every human being.

While Belgian system kept pushing me down for reasons that I still ignore, like the recent withdrawal of my residence permit amongst many other things, I have been informing my country about our plans and advised to implement them into new national programs that are breaking down barriers to opportunity. In four years, my country has come a long way, with another focus. Nearly all the nations in the world, from the North to the South, from the East to the West have committed to supporting our people to get into college, to have careers and to become wealthy. And foundations and companies have made more than $1 billion in commitments to education, and to strengthen communities and transform entire lives.

Next month, I plan to participate with the COP22 (the 22nd Convention of Paris), in Marrakesh in which I will bring together the private and public sector, the governments and the universities to ensure that all young people in Morocco can reach their full potential. I will be talking about the progress that we’ve made to show where we were standing before, where we are standing now, and I will be presenting new promising plans to progress further.

To make sure that no one will spoil it, what do you think I should do ? I should be keeping out those who have the habit of turning our dreams into nightmares. That is what I my simple request with the Kingdom of Morocco. I insist to keep Belgian State delegations out of my presentations in Marrakesh about New Morocco because they didn’t allow me in the shelter and they have withdrawn my residence papers. I am an illegal migrant now.

That is why I decided to not allow Belgium to participate in my CoP22 also. I shall reconsider my position after they have corrected absolutely all the injustices since I was at university.

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My dreams are working out… in my country. The opportunity to achieve one’s dreams is something we should all want for everyone.