Poem by Nailia Minnebaeva

The archetype and the presence, the one we call on for greatness, when you’re left under the covers, She comes to the rescue, She always does.

She never fails when you call, She’s forever patient, forever present, and Her fierce beauty, with imperfection. Whole.

Her grace is the superpower, always allowing and waiting for all to return back into Her loving arms, and her soothing gaze. Watching.

Surrender all fears into Her arms, like a great alchemist — She transforms our dark to light, our sadness to purpose.

She is a great teacher and the Muse, the one who protects all: Her children, timeless masterpiece, and life in all forms, and formless. Creation.

In constant communication with us all, through the heart… and the blood, and the rhythms, changing cycles; all of life flows as She does.

Do as your Goddess does… Forget not your true role model — the one archetype. You’re not orphaned, or inferior to any one kind, or broken, no more, because you are all of Her, where She comes from, the Universal Mother, lives in all and breathes in your chest.

Each breath is sacred. Living. As the Great Protectress, She shields you from terror and ill will. In the presence of the Great Mother; all illusions will vanish, fear not, choose compassion for all life.

In return for forgiveness, you’ll rise as the Goddess does, the unfolding of inherent heroine. Alive.

Once and for all, trade in sadness for purpose, as the Great Protectress — Embody this Archetype.
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