A Question and underlying motivation!

“So do you know how to upload an image on your Facebook using a python script?” “Do you know how to troubleshoot your network if it fails at a crucial point/time?”

Few days back I got a mail, yes a mail from a student of Pune University. She had a simple question :

“What should I learn in Computer Science that would fetch me a good internship and a job”.She belongs to a poor family. She explained me how important it is for her to get a job.

But do our computer industry hire you for your theoretical knowledge?No,never!

I was touched and more to it, was a void feeling! Not because she asked me a very tough question but this question made me to think of my engineering days! Yes it was 2008 when I entered in this never ending world of computers. I loved computers,there was a very strong affinity towards computers in me.

But I was little disturbed . Why because every where I could see it was just the theoretical knowledge.

For example : I know my mail gets delivered to the intended recipient but how it gets delivered was a question which my curiosity was asking an answer for.How does internet work? Ok OSI protocol but how these layers work?Ok these layers work based on some universal rule(RFC).But who and how someone designed these rules?Algorithms?Programming?what else?

So in short : Everything is layered. Back then it was so difficult to understand practically the concept given that in colleges its the theoretical knowledge which is emphasized more.

I actually understood what this girl was asking to me! And here I tried to find the solutions to her questions:

1.Teach her practically how everything work by video demonstration : Bit World Naina Chaturvedi

2.Dedicate this blog which covers :

  • Python programming and algorithms.(Bit World Naina Chaturvedi)
  • Computer networking.
  • Advices/tips for Interviews for companies like Google, Facebook.
  • My own thoughts and many life learnings !!

Join us in this journey :) All my answers you can find : Naina Chaturvedi

Connect with me :

I got interview calls from Google,Facebook etc last year.Right now I ’m working as a researcher at University of Houston Main Campus , US and loving some of my projects which are inclined towards Space,International Space Station :)

Here my main motive is to help such students who have insatiable desire to learn,execute and achieve the things. You can shoot me message/mail whatever possible to get your doubts clarified!

Remember when you ask then only you will get to know! Don’t just learn but understand how things work and come up with something of your own . Something that is your master piece and have your fingerprints :)

Poor are those people who don’t have a dream!