How The Millennials Took The World By Storm

If you look it up all you’ll probably get is the designated age group between the late 80s and up until the early 2000s and a little about the growing use and addiction towards media and the liberal views that are held tight with all the free spirit in the world. We are the generation that has never been taught to lose, to climb up the corporate ladder, to not settle for owning a suburban house and many other coming of age lifestyles that has jeopardized the traditional way of business and desires.

But there is a lot more to it than just being culturally more progressive with a mindset that views the world as a single unit, a community. And there are more entrepreneurs popping up in every corner, coming up with crazy ideas and occasional bad ones, but today the innovation levels are insurmountable, and yet it has this whole locked up potential that hasn’t been discovered. That makes life exciting, doesn’t it?

So what makes this generation so much better than the rest? Why do we stand out? Is it because we were the generation that had a balance of an actual childhood and later evolved into a digital maniac?

Here are 5 ways the millennials or Gen Y are different:

1. Instant gratification , a new way of life

We are increasingly known as the generation that has a great influence on the world, we prefer to voice our opinions on social media rather than keeping everything bottled up inside. This makes us one the most assertive generations with more importance given to the well being of the people and the environment we are influencing, we need to see change take place and this is making us proactive individuals in politics and socialistic perspectives because the need to see the change has become a universal problem. The social media presence is however a great way for businesses to grow and one of the main sources of driving revenue. But because of the ease at which we share our views, this often leads to many problems in our personal lives.

2. The ease of starting a business

The internet has made it easier than ever to start a business, because gone are the days where we spend the majority of our time in libraries or making the long commute to a class that you have no time to balance. No, we are the generation that believes in speed, we want everything now and that is why there are virtual classes and courses , as well Google that boasts a wide variety of information in just about anything you wish to learn about. The online learning sources have proved to be a very big boon, and adding to that, the changing mindset of individuals that are more encouraging and willing to help in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, in most countries (the goal should be every country) is truly wonderful.

3. Startups trump the corporate ladder any day

I love the fact that individuals these days have different goals, big dreams and even bigger failures, and they really don’t mind. According to a study, the number of startups will increase tenfold in the next ten years, giving rise to new solutions that will alter the way we will live our lives to a further extent than already is, and they aren’t afraid to fail at all. It has been said that, millennials prefer to start a business and watch it crash and burn rather than sitting in a corporate office, they express that they learn a whole lot more in a year or two than they will ever learn in 10 or 20 years working as an employee. The need to live on their own terms has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The baby boomers however don’t view the world this way, their main aim is to get the corner office after slogging for almost two decades. We are more in tune with our emotions and outlooks, that has clearly made all the difference.

4. Authenticity is the only path to a loyal audience

Millennials believe that the only way they will purchase a commodity is if they know about the company’s values and what initiative is it taking to help lives. Increasingly we are opting for volunteer work and unpaid internships; money is not their main priority. We need the business to be involved in some way that is bettering the world they are living in. They also believe in sustainability and the importance of it from every aspect. Due to this every company today has a charitable initiative; this makes them more authentic in their ways because when they purchase a product they don’t want the environment suffering in the bargain.

5. The number of graduates are on the rise

Being the most and best educated generation, millennials are more intellectual and value simple things like family and travel, they don’t believe in ownership of houses or cars , they’d rather rent and Uber. This has created a huge shift in the country’s perspectives of how to deal with the generation that has taken the world by storm. Smart, well educated and fearless, this is what’s going to rule the world soon enough.