Gemini 2 Review

Today in this article, I will be sharing about market’s new scam software. Well, I am talking about Gemini2, which is a new automated binary options trading software. This app is owned by Brandon Lewis and sorry Brandon; your testimonials didn’t impress me. Here is all about Gemini2 after a lot of attention to this bogus automated trading software. So, if you are also one of those, who is looking for Gemini2 review then keep your eyes on this article.gemini2 scam

So, this is the first time; I am going to review this bogus software. And in the meantime, I will expose those scam facts to you. After reading my Gemini2 review, you can make the correct decision to avoid this bogus automated trading software. Therefore, keep reading and know in-depth about Gemini2 scam.

Gemini2 Scam Review — Should You Trust or Not?

It is very taught to know a new launched automated trading software, whether it is reliable to trade or avoid. Nothing worry about it, let me clear you about this app, here I am going to tell about a few lines about this app.

Gemini2 software which is launched by Brandon Lewis is supposed to help the new traders. Yes, the narrator or CEO also said in his testimonials to make the financial freedom to its users. The CEO claims that every hour you can make $200 to $800 and according to this you will be earning $48000 to $19200 in just 10 days. Such kind of money earning claim is only possible with those fake claimers.

In their testimonial video the Gemini 2 team has made a good effort to make us fool. Unfortunately, this good effort is for their purpose only; I meant to say they are good at fooling innocent traders or new traders to cut off their money. I am just fed up seeing those expensive cars in testimonials videos, banks check, unrealistic money making shows. Gemini2 is also following the same old tricks to impress new traders, but in reality, they are just a big hole.

Gemini2 is a Bogus Software — Not Reliable Trading App At All:

This software is also meant to steal your money if you trade with this software. The software is a fake by all means that you should avoid for your trading. And today in this article, I am going to expose those scam attempts used in Gemini 2 trading app. So let’s see what traps I have observed in my review of Gemini2.

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More than $12k every day!!

This kind of money earning scheme can passionate new traders, and this is why Brandon Lewis did smartly to trap new traders. 12k US dollars is not a small amount, which is also every day. Mr. Brandon your claim is impressive but very hard to believe.

For most 12k US dollars is like monthly income and Mr. Bandon promising that his automated trading software can help you earning more than 12K US dollars every day which doesn’t make any sense to believe it.

Who is Mr. Brandon Lewis?

For this question, I can help you if you are searching for the details of Brandon Lewis. Seeing the testimonials video I have come to know that he was an ex-engineer of Google. So funny! This is what I call the height of scammers. Would you explain me, why did you resign from Google? Okay, I can assume it but why there is no information about you.

He is saying he is an ex-engineer of Google and Google don’t know who is he. Yes, there is no such information about Brandon Lewis. A CEO has no proper or transparent information then how can you believe in his software!! It doesn’t make any sense to invest in this software.

Fake Bank Pay Orders To Trap New Honest Traders:

How insane is this!! On the website of Gemini2 software, I have seen another fake and serious problem that will definitely make you decide to avoid this suspicious site. On their official site, they are showing some people showing bank cheques, which are not relevant to believe.

I am saying this because all of one cheque was dated December 4, 2015. How it is possible when the Gemini 2 itself registered on May 5th, 2016? So, what would you call to this??? Obviously, they are trying to attract the new traders with those fake cheques, and they are saying you are next to get a cheque. But the thing is you’re not going win any cheque; you will be losing precisely after trading with this software.

100% Winning Rate — Oh Really!!

Another shameful scam fact I have seen in my review, with this software you are going to win all your trade. Yes, the added information or software screenshot suggest that Gemini2 will let you win in all your trading.

Well, no trading software can say this unless they are a scam or scammer. Binary Options trading is the platform where win and loss are like normal. So, what would you say to this? Yes, Gemini 2 system is another crystal clear scam fact with proper evidence.

Pressurize You to Join Gemini2 With Remaining Spots:

This makes me astonished when I have entered to their official site. First of all, it showed me five spots remaining for my region and after every minute it was decreased to 1 spot. Surprisingly, even after an hour, it was showing me same one spot remaining. Isn’t it a trap to catch to its visitors?

It is like begging me to join them with a dirty trick. So, don’t get into this fake automated trading site.

Gemini2 Review — Final Thought:

Gemini 2 is a bogus trading software that you should avoid for your trading. The site is full of junk details, which are not relevant to binary options trading. The CEO didn’t give any proper details about his system, and there is not any information about him on the internet. I got nothing to believe in this software, as all the information was a false claim. Trading with this software you will be a fresh victim of their scam plan. So stay out of this, you know how it feels losing your hard-earn money.

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