Dear Bodhi Community Users,

Due to the lack of enough traction of Naka Chain, Bodhi Foundation decides to pause the maintenance of Naka Chain for security consideration. NBOT token will be converted into ERC20 token afterwards.

If you hold your tokens in the Naka Wallet, you can access your NBOT by importing your passphrase in any Ethereum wallet after the NBOT conversion.

If your tokens are deposited on and Bithumb Global exchanges, there is nothing you need to do. The exchanges will help you to convert the tokens.

The Bodhi Foundation will continue on exploring new direction in Blockchain area.

Bodhi Foundation,

April 18, 2020

关于 NBOT 映射为 ERC20 代币的公告


由于 Naka Chain 的推出并未收获预期效果,为了代币安全的考量,基金会决定于 4 月 30 日停止 Naka Chain 的维护,届时 NBOT 将映射为以太坊 ERC20 代币。

如果您的代币存放在 Naka 钱包里,仅需在 NBOT 代币切换工作完成之后,您将可以通过将私钥导入到以太坊钱包的方式来获取和使用 NBOT。

如果您的代币存放在 和 Bithumb 交易所里,则无需任何操作,交易所将帮您做相应的代币转换。



2020 年 4 月 18 日

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Dear Community Members,

We are thrilled to announce that Bodhi 2.0 has been launched on the Naka Chain mainnet! Please visit from Naka Wallet to try it out.

In this post, I would like to outline what is new in this launch.

  1. Powered by Naka Chain from day one. Naka Chain is built for enabling user friendly DAPPs and Bodhi Prediction Market will be powered by Naka Chain.
  2. It’s fast! Users now can get near-instant responses from every interaction. Every transaction will be processed within 3 seconds.
  3. Fee Friendly — In Bodhi 2.0, a regular transaction only costs a sub-cent transaction fee. Enjoy the almost fee-free prediction market, and let your predictions roll! …

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We’re excited to announce that we will be attending the CES Asia from June 11–13, 2019 in Shanghai, China.

CES Asia, the Best Gold 100 Show Extension Overseas, is the place where startups, entrepreneurs and global brands converge to form game-changing partnerships. We believe it is a great potential opportunity to connect with enterprises to develop strategic cooperation.

Come visit the Naka Team! We are all thrilled to see you all!

Please scan QR code and use free code to register!!

Free priority code: e_e616_xfxZV7y5

We are located in at booth No: 6238, H 5

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Official Website:






Naka Team
May 15, 2019

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