Bodhi and Naka Chain Integrate Chainlink to Bring DApp Development to the Next Stage

What is NAKA Chain — About Naka Chain

Over the past year, more mainstream developers have become involved in DApp development. However, both user and developer experiences are still not good enough. Naka is a blockchain agonistic platform which focuses on solving DApp developer pain points. It brings blockchains into the next stage by sharing blockchain economics with all the developers and enterprises on the Naka platform.

Naka chain has two unique features. Firstly, everyone can create utility tokens through one-click deploying a smart contract template on Naka Chain. Secondly, Without forcing to use the native token Naka as the payment for transaction fees. Naka allows users to choose any tokens in the wallet as the payment method for transaction fees.

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Bodhi and Naka Chain Integrate Chainlink

Bodhi Prediction Market to use Chainlink oracle

At the start of 2019, we officially announced the project to the public: Naka, a blockchain fully compatible with Ethereum. We are building a blockchain that not only provides general-purpose functions but also benefits all users of the application layers. Before we worked on Naka, our team built an entire ecosystem that includes the Bodhi prediction market DApp, the Bodhi Web, and the Qrypto extension.

These previous development experiences have been invaluable to us. We understand the challenges and issues faced by blockchain Dapp developers. The Bodhi prediction market launched on Qtum Mainnet nearly one year ago and has been running smoothly with our Proof of Agreement arbitration mechanism. However currently, this mechanism is purely manual. In the next step, the Bodhi Prediction Market will integrate Chainlink oracles to connect automatically with data feeds to improve the efficiency of the Bodhi prediction market and bring the Bodhi prediction market to mass adoption.

Naka Chain to use Chainlink oracles for its platform’s DApps

We will also incorporate Chainlink into the Naka Chain so that the two networks can communicate with each other. Working with Chainlink is a big step for Naka towards architecting full-fledged DApps and bringing the blockchain ecosystem to the next generation.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. Chainlink is consistently selected as one of the top blockchain technologies by leading independent research firms such as Gartner. It is well known for providing highly secure and reliable oracles to both large enterprises (SWIFT) and leading smart contract development teams.

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