Analytics: top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world with the most unusual collateral

Apr 4, 2018 · 6 min read

At the moment, there are more than 1600 types of cryptocurrencies in the world, most of which are freely traded on crypto exchanges. One of the principles of cryptocurrencies is, as you know, the lack of security for them. Nevertheless, many companies declare that their cryptocurrency is provided with something. Analysts of the company Worldcore (in 2017 released on the market cryptocurrency WRC) made a rating of the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies with the most original software and concluded whether it is necessary at all and if so, then someone-the creators of currencies or their investors.

Worldcore analysts have created their own rating of” covered with material values “ cryptocurrencies, where the top lines are those projects that have caused the greatest positive response. On the bottom — those of them, the idea which seemed more doubtful.

In General, the sphere of cryptocurrencies and the output of projects to the ICO through the creation of their own tokens, which are beginning to apply on the market, is undergoing huge changes today. A number of countries are ready to regulate this sphere, while others have not legalized it. In part, the process of companies ‘ exit to the ICO loses confidence, because, according to research, about 10% of funds raised through the ICO were stolen by hackers or fraudsters. In addition, if we compare how many companies have achieved Fund-raising goals through the ICO, then, according to E&Y reports, six months ago, only 25% of them managed to do this, while 90% of the companies that conducted the ICO in June 2017, collected the necessary funds. On the market there are also cases when the initiators of the ICO and did hide with all the money collected. The largest examples of such “collapse” of ICO projects were PlexCoin ($15 million), Benebit ($4 million), Opair, Ebitz ($2.4 million) and others. And all of them happened during the past year.

“Ensuring the cryptocurrency — it’s a bit invented marketing story. The very essence of creating tokens at ICO and turning them into cryptocurrency, quoted in the market, is the result of the attractiveness of the company’s idea. Recognition of the market value of this idea. In principle, this is enough, — says Alexey Nasonov, CEO and founder of Worldcore. — Additional safeguards for investors is a security that involves the actual production, the existing assets (gold, oil, diamonds). Here you need to understand whether the company has such resources. And also, as far as these resources are volatile or can quickly turn into the market”.

Nevertheless, analysts of the international company Worldcore, who released WRC tokens, made the Top 10 most interesting types of security

Top 10 cryptocurrencies with the most unusual software announced for release in the world (infographics)

Royal Mint Gold (RMG) — Stablecoin / United Kingdom / Gold
Carat / Israel / Diamonds
Farad (FRD) / Malaysia, United Arab Emirates / supercapacitor Technology and manufacturing
Tether / Hong Kong / United States Dollars
Petro / Venezuela / Crude oil
Tcoin / Switzerland / Metals (Tiberius Group — commodity Fund)
Watercoin / United States / water purification Technology
Coinloan / Estonia / cryptocurrency Loans
Amar Hidroponia / Mexico / pepper Harvest
Saga / Switzerland / next generation Tether (with transparent Fiat assurance), customers pass KYC/AML

Source: Worldcore

Stablecoin, backed by gold, hit the top spot for several reasons: the international price of gold remained relatively stable. Throughout the history of trading, the price of gold has changed by 30–35%, but this happened gradually over a long period of time. The RMG token is provided by the Royal mint of great Britain. However, the nature of this token is such that it can rather be attributed to the instrument for anonymous long-term investments.

In second place-a similar tool provided by the Israeli diamond exchange, however, it is provided with precious stones only 25%. There is a similar project in Russia. “If you use a token as a payment between market participants, it will help them save time, avoid possible inter-country bans. But the real turnover of jewelry in the world is not so great, and diamonds are interesting not as a means of multiplying capital, but as a long-term investment,” said Alexei Nasonov, CEO of Worldcore.

Wishing to attract more investors, and not only from among cryptocurrency fans, companies are coming up with new ways to “secure” their digital currency. However, the process of meeting the requirements of the investor in case of subsequent problems with the project is still not fully transparent by law. In the situation with the provision of precious metals or raw materials, which are themselves traded on the market and their price depends on many factors, the question arises: will investors eventually get an even more risky product than the cryptocurrency itself?

In February 2018, the Venezuelan President launched the cryptocurrency “Petro”, the first officially released by the state and provided with crude oil, one coin which is equivalent to one barrel of crude oil. The currency was launched in a crisis, because the country is under international sanctions. And the issue of currency has become a semi-legitimate way to bypass sanctions and replenish the Treasury. On the first day of the announcement, Petro collected 735 million US dollars. The population of this currency will be sold at discounted prices, and the government believes that in the future it will be possible even to pay taxes. Worldcore analysts talk about the prospects of such provision.

“If we talk only about Petro, he has a rather shaky position because of the global distrust of the government policy, low oil production, large foreign debt of Venezuela, as well as the already imposed us sanctions. Nevertheless, in General, the provision of oil looks attractive for official cryptocurrencies from producing countries experiencing a shortage of investors. For example, Russia. Nevertheless, the volatility of such cryptocurrencies will be strongly influenced by the foreign and domestic policy of the individual state, as well as the volume of oil production in the country and the world”, said Alexey Nasonov.

Another option for providing cryptocurrency is technology, and not just technology, but already existing solutions, when the company’s tokens give the right to buy products. For example, one of these currencies was Farad. Each Farad token entitles to a direct purchase of 80 million units of ultra capacitors manufactured by The company within 36 months. Elon Musk called this technology one of the most promising for storing and accumulating energy in the future.

On the penultimate place of our top — providing with agroindustrial production, for example, Mexican pepper. It is clear that the yield itself is largely dependent on weather conditions, insects and other factors that are difficult to predict in advance. Cryptocurrencies provided with meat or grain seem to be the least promising. Conversely, the most promising cryptocurrencies are provided with unique (low-spread) and at the same time highly liquid assets, such as gold.

“The conclusion about cryptocurrencies with security is simple: such products are needed to create a “digital” analogue of Fiat money, when it comes to providing them with us dollars or other currency, about circumventing sanctions for countries that require attracting international investment. Or else the chance to spend your secured ICO falls to a business that attracts a bill loan: in this case, you can bind this non-issue security to a cryptocurrency asset and be responsible for obligations with their property.
In the case of gold, precious metals and raw materials, this is an additional way to attract investors. And companies should undergo regular audits in order not to undermine their trust. But we all remember the collapse of banks, which also compiled positive audit reports. Therefore, it is very difficult to really check the availability of assets. Secured cryptocurrencies in many ways lose the percentage of” independence”, and acquire for the most part only a marketing wrapper”, concludes Alexey Nasonov from Worldcore.

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