Japanese financial group SBI announced plans to create a cryptocurrency exchange

May 3, 2018 · 2 min read

SBI group Corporation (Japan) announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency exchange. The statement says it will be the best service in the region to work with digital assets. The SBI management believes that their service will become the most popular and demanded in the Japanese market.

It is worth noting that initially the start of the exchange was to take place last year. However, a number of events, such as the hacking of the Coincheck site, which resulted in the theft of a large sum, forced to reconsider the date of the full launch of the service. It should be noted that the platform has legal grounds for work — the corresponding license of the SBI regulator was obtained in September 2017.

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, the head of the Corporation, during a conversation with media representatives said that the exchange will begin to work this summer. He stressed that it will be an independent organism, not a platform operating under the franchise of another exchange. As for the coins presented on the exchange, Mr. Kitao noted that the main coins will be presented first of all. You can expect the appearance in the listing of the BTC, XRP and ETH.

SBI Group’s interest in the digital market has been traced for a long time. Recently, she purchased a 40% stake CoolBitX — Taiwanese company on manufacture of cryptocurrency wallets.



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