Crypto World News: What happened last week?

Russian Banks Need to Give Cryptocurrency a Try. Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin met with some of his country’s most influential financial minds about adopting a more open view of cryptocurrencies. Putin doesn’t want any “unnecessary barriers” to be placed in the way.

Hackers use amazon’s AWS computing resources to mine Bitcoin. Security intelligence group RedLock has exposed hackers who were using Amazon Web Services (AWS) computing resources to mine bitcoin. In a report from the intelligence company it found that at least two companies were targeted: Aviva and Gemalto, both multinational corporations.

The biggest Bitcoin community in South Korea has just voiced its opposition to the scheduled hard fork in November — formalized in the New York Agreement. This hard fork is intended for the implementation of SegWit2X, which has returned to the community spotlight as of late.

China to issue state-run cryptocurrency? China may not recognize bitcoin as a legal currency, but it seems to have a clear vision for a state-issued alternative. Yao Qian, the Director of the Digital Currency Research Institute under the People’s Bank of China, reportedly boasted about the potential of a state-owned digital currency, while suggesting that there is an inherent lack of value anchoring public cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Abu Dhabi issues cryptocurrency and ICO regulations. The government of Abu Dhabi, through its markets regulator, has released guidelines on virtual currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The government of Abu Dhabi has published guidelines to bring clarity to its regulatory approach to ICOs and virtual currencies for ICO organizers and digital currency adopters.

India’s central bank is ‘working’ on Bitcoin regulation. The deputy governor of India’s central bank has revealed the authority is working on a regulatory policy for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in the country. According to Indian business daily Economic Times, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) deputy governor NS Vishwanathan was speaking at an event in the city of Kolkata when he was asked if the RBI would encourage cryptocurrency adoption in India.

Bitcoin ATMs to take over Moscow by the end of the year. In just a few days, hundreds of cryptocurrency ATMs will be installed across Moscow, Russia. Despite the country’s long-held skepticism for Bitcoin, Russian crypto enthusiasts will now be able to purchase a number of different currencies right in the nation’s capital.

Ultra-Rich investor Trace Mayer predicts Bitcoin price will reach $27,395 in just four months. He bases this prediction on the steady increase of Bitcoin’s 200 day moving average. Mayer is extrapolating the rise of the 200 day moving average, assuming it will reach $5,767 by February. If this is the case, he asserts that a per-coin value of 4.75 times the moving average, or $27,395, would be a “fair” price.

Citizenship for 42 BTC. The South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu is now accepting bitcoin for its full citizenship program, worth $200,000 USD. The country offers citizens no income or capital gains tax, and investment opportunities.

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