NakamotoX trading platform

There are many Cryptocurrency exchanges out there but Nakamotox has been built from scratch with traders and users in mind. NakamotoX is an innovative and secure next generation Bitcoin and Digital Assets exchange based in the Czech Republic.

Having been heavily involved and invested in Cryptocurrencies, the founders of the platform realized the need for a high quality, low fee, and greatly user-friendly exchange platform. An exchange which is highly customizable for professionals yet simple enough for beginners.

Jiri Fiala, the General Manager of the exchange is a leading Czech Enterprise Architect with over 14 years of experience. He has experiences of working for Fortune 500 companies all around the world, helping develop over 160 projects in 21 different countries. Kamil Brejcha, the Operations Manager of the exchange has over 10 years of experience from companies such as Telefonica, Orco Group, and SatoshiLabs. He has an extensive knowledge and experience of managing Bitcoin and Blockchain related projects.

These set of diverse skills and experience of the founding team guarantees the exchange as an interesting project rather than just another Cryptocurrency exchange. Nakamotox uses security functions such as multi-signature (multi-sig), HSM, and 3-layer wallet system backed by TREZOR, offering the highest standards of security within the market.

The exchange also boasts speed of transactions as with their tested trading engine which is capable of handling over hundred thousand orders per second. Additionally, there is a feature which allows users to view live prices across other major exchanges, and an advanced trading feature which allows users to earn more profits based on their investment portfolio.

Nakamotox also allows full customization of trade view on desktop and mobile, allowing professional investors to see multiple graphs from various exchanges. The mobile app is planned to be launched soon. Deposits and withdrawals on the exchange are available with: Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, MoneyPolo, Litecoin, OK Pay, and Fio.

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