02/ Giving it up…..

You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go
You’re giving me a million reasons to quit the show…..

Its a song that is sticked in my head for the past few days.

I am a person who says “I give up” on a daily basis… But I am also very stubborn and even tought I say that I don't give up! Especially on people..

People can be very hard to handle, they always want something, expect something, have their own problems, reflect weaknesses, or create drama whenever possible…

Is that a reason to give it up? Never…. Is there a reason not to give up? Always….

People are rare — “I need one good one to stay” — if you don't cherish, love, or respect those around, they will go away… maybe not on purpose, maybe they will just give up, maybe they will get fed-up, or maybe just maybe they love you enough to let you go….

Life without people can be so damn lonely — remember the smiles, the crazy shit, the travel adventures, the drunken nights, the heartbreak mornings, the fancy dinners, the smelly hotels, sleepless night on translations, the saddest moments, the unwanted hugs, the missed kisses….?

Good ones stay — why dont you look around.. really do look around…, and see who is out there, standing in the cold December night, with a hot cup of coffee, standing on your porch and waiting to hear about your day, to laugh on you jokes, to cry with your pain, to jump in the car and drive as far as possible…

This piece is part of the 30 Days Writing Challenge. During the next 30 days I will write short stories about my last days in this 2016! Thank you for reading it! Hope you liked it!

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