Update: The Last Five Weeks

Continuing where I left off yesterday. The last five have really been a big slap in the face. I have learned more and more each week on how the workplace is a totally different environment then school. In school you are only doing things dependent on yourself and you are not on a huge time crunch. The workplace is the complete opposite, everyone is a part of the team and everyone on that team is depending on the “next” person to do what they are suppose to do. Since, everyone is dependent on each other time is a huge factor in the work environment. You don’t want to be “that guy” who holds everyone up from doing their part.

Additionally the programming you do in school is mostly all your own work. I mean you’ll have to look at code in textbooks or the teacher might show an example of code, but the code is always explained, straight forward and easy to read. Where as in the work place you will be looking at thousands of lines of code not written by you and you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. Most of the time the code is not pretty, and if you are lucky the original developer of the code left some comments for you. But you are never really looking at the code you have developed yourself, you have to learn to read other peoples code, even in the case if you are a full on developer you will be reading code not written by you. Learn to read code like it’s a second language.

Filling in the last two weeks I have been doing pretty much the same thing, however, I’m more comfortable with the database. I have been given more projects, mostly dealing with errors related to a base install. Not really errors just things you have to fix after a base install because the scripts for creating the database are not up to date. The biggest thing you have to worry about is not duplicating a setting. Not all the scripts you run check for the existence of a setting, so you run the risk of duplicating a setting and causing an error. A lot of testing the software, but other than that I think that covers up the last five weeks.