Day off

In life of resident this day is much awaited.

To sleep and sleep but my wait was for a movie — BFG. Big friendly giant. Totally a kid movie, my kind.

Woke up with beautiful feeling in my heart. Finished my breakfast. Waited for my friend’s response- declined. And here my heart broke. Got into circle of thoughts- tried to find someone else . Suddenly I got a sign from someone special to be my own hero — perfect timing for the message. And here I was on the bus to city with same excitement in my heart. Enjoyed company of this girl in the movie- sweet and daring. We came to home sweet home where my sweetheart was waiting. Angel in my life . Full of love and simplicity she is- my roommate.

My friend texted me later about the movie. Found a little hard to let go. Finally did. No expectations is the mantra.

Had an interesting day off filled with excitement and realization.

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