Photo by Sam Soffes on Unsplash

Thank you
for the friendship that no longer sails
I know, the waves must’ve been strong, 
the winds blew hard, 
it ripped us apart. Take the splinters, 
the ragged flag. You don’t need it for anything
save to remind yourself that 
there was once a “ship” called
Us. Let me take the anchor, let
its weight bring me inside the dark abyss 
where Us belonged.

Thank you
for the cheap bracelet, the one
that bore my elvish name “ER-
the first picture of Us in a park
which happens to be our last.

Thank you
for the dead habits I once carved: walk home with you, drink Zagu with you, eat siopao with 
you and I in a taxi when the rain pounded 

Thank you.

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