Motivating Yourself to Meditate

Photo Credit: Unsplash

We’ve all been there. You start a meditation practice. You are very well intentioned. but then, life gets in the way; and the first thing you jettison is your daily 10 minutes of meditation . You’ve read all the articles, you know all the research. You know all the physical and psychological benefits of mediation. Yet you simply can’t seem to prioritize it. if that’s your problem, here are few things that have helped me when the going gets tough and I find myself reluctant to meditate because I am too busy.

“Self Care is a Divine Responsibility”: The genesis for this blog post came from a card I saw propped up in a yoga studio bathroom! “Self Care is a Divine Responsibility”. At first I scoffed at this pop spirituality. But the phrase stuck with me and I realized that once I looked past my skepticism, it was making a very valid point. Each of us carries within us a spark of the Divine, The fact that we are breathing, that we have a life means that we are part of this great big universe. In neglecting ourselves, we are in many ways disrespecting life itself and the Creator. If you are someone who is happier looking after other people than yourself, think of yourself as yet another creature you are responsible for. Treat yourself as you would treat another being in your care. If life gives you lemons, make lemon juice. if you are the kind of person, who prioritizes others, work with that and trick yourself into turning this apparent weakness into a strength.

Meditation Is To Us, What a Root Is To a Tree: When trying to light a fire from a small spark, we fan the flames so that the rest of the wood catches fire. This is what meditation does for us. It allows that Divine spark within us the space and air to grow and expand. When you find your intention to meditate wavering, think of this: What holds up a tree are its roots. if the roots are not strong, the tree will topple over. Meditation provides us with our roots. It makes our Self (our Divine Spark) stronger. We are less swayed by the events around us. And even when we are swayed, we return to our “normal” much faster.

It’s Not ‘A BIG DEAL’: Your meditation practice is not the school’s annual drama production. It is not the company’s annual corporate retreat. it’s not A BIG DEAL. It’s really a very simple thing. Even if you sit quietly for only five minutes a day, you are doing something. And if you are really so busy that you do not have even five minutes a day to yourself, meditate each time you are walking to the car; meditate each time you are walking to the bus stop or waiting for your train; meditate in the ten seconds it takes to walk to your kitchen or bathroom every morning. Just focus on your breath. Breathe In. Breathe Out. If even that is hard, take a moment and look around you and take in the beauty- even if its the way the sunlight filters into your room. Zoom in on the little good things that happen to you every day., and allow them to be in sharper focus in your mind. That is all you need to do to meditate. If you have ten minutes a day to meditate but don’t quite know how to dive into it, these daily meditations can be of help.

Flower Essences for Meditation: If your self-care challenge is that you would rather look after others than yourself, Sunray Lily is a good flower essence to take. Crab Apple, Chamomile, Vervain, Orange Blossom and Blue Vervain are all helpful in calming and relaxing your system. You can use your intuition when selecting the best flower essence or work with a flower essence practitioner, who can help you find the right essences for your specific situation or challenge.