I’ve had men at conferences come up and ask my male co-workers how much I cost per hour because they’d like a ‘booth girl like that!’ I designed and managed the build of the entire product, yet here were multiple men coming by the booth, not even bothering to address me personally, engaging in conversations with my male co-workers about my cost per hour. It’s dehumanizing, but at the same time, I haven’t let it stop me from achieving what I want to achieve.
Meet the Founders — Suzanne Borders
Brian Lien

As a VR/AR community we need to do better. So many of the leaders in this community are women. We have to make a concerted effort as investors, CEOs, and employees to make it clear that women will have equal pay and respect. VR/AR should increase empathy right? So maybe it can increase understanding of these type of rediculous situations that successfull women have to deal with