I pursued a career as a pop star, singer, or whatever you want to call it, for a very long time—over a decade. I haven’t necessarily given it up, but in 2016, I definitely decided to take on other endeavors and give songwriting/singing a break. It felt like the right time. I was really proud of the last single I released (“You Would Be Sure”) and felt that it was a perfect place to pause until the right resources were in my possession to compete more fiercely in the music industry.

“You Would Be Sure,” 2015

During my pursuit as…

I was in Duane Reade picking up some toothpaste when, on a whim, I decided to buy a bottle of wine. White Zin to be specific. For years I’ve been sold on the idea that it goes well with pasta.

My sister’s longtime friend, Brooke, had just arrived to New York from Florida for a week visit, and I would be entertaining her for the night. My sis had a prior engagement to attend, so I planned to cook my specialty for Brooke and I: chicken alfredo with a fresh tossed salad and some chilled White Zinfandel. YUM!

While I…

When I was 23, I went to Los Angeles, California for the first time in life with the naive goal of getting a record deal…within a week. And I did it. Well, sort of.

I got a publishing deal. Then, the publishing company distributed the music I made, with me as the artist, through a newly created vanity label.

I was alone during the initial introduction to the publishing company, the first meeting, and signing the contract. However, I technically did not accomplish this ridiculous goal alone. No, the other person was not God. His name was Jay.

Jay is…

I went to an off-Broadway show on the night of Tuesday, November 7th, 2016.

It was Othello: The Remix — a reimagining of the original Shakespeare play, but told through rap. I didn’t expect much going in; contextually, it felt like a Hamilton knock off, but as the story progressed, my heart was changed. I laughed a lot and was surprised by the updated tragedy. I enjoyed myself and was excited to get home to close the night out on an even higher note. I was ready to see the first woman become the United States President-elect.

I went to…

New York City is famous for a lot of things. Food is high on the list.

Maybe I’m bias, but being from Texas, I wouldn’t say food in New York is the tastiest. Due to the variety of choices available, I believe food in New York is fun and adventurous. Within a block, there could be at least 10 options ranging from a ridiculous fruit/pasta mashup, to “southern” style barbecue. My sister and I sometimes treat ourselves to a lunch together, but often keep it simple by sticking to American food spots. After dining at one of our favorites, Fuku…

“The heart wasn’t for you. You still spazzed.”

I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe the narcissistic text message that came through my phone from Gavin. The previous day, he sent me a few nice messages about a new project I shared with him. Gavin is very talented and I trust his taste, so it was great to receive his stamp of approval.

Later that night (maybe around midnight… early the next morning to be accurate), I began scrolling through my texts and replying back to messages I didn’t respond to earlier. Another friend of mine, Errol, also sent me some…

I’d been playing dinner date tag with Mason for about a month.

I met Mason randomly on a random job I was doing for a bit of extra cash. Smartphone numbers were exchanged and weeks of attempting to go to dinner together commenced. I was free, but he couldn’t choose a day. He was free, but I was busy. We plan a day, but he cancels. We try to reschedule, but there’s no foreseeable available date. It was a mess.

Finally, another date was decided and set in stone. Unfortunately, on the day of the endlessly postponed dinner date, I…

I’d hit a personal all time low.

I’d become a two time college dropout (first time willingly, second time unwillingly), reached out to my lying ass ex to find comfort, regrettably fought him in a movie theater parking lot (not sure who I was that night…), totaled my raggedy car (it was time for it to go to be honest), and in an act of desperation, sold my beloved, expansive, CD collection.

I needed a major change. What change was that? I honestly wasn’t sure. But I knew all these events were happening to push me into a great direction…

New York City Pride Weekend. A time full of love, respect, acceptance…and super dope parties!

Last year was my first pride weekend in New York. I’d been to several pride celebrations in my hometown of Houston, Texas, but never quite experienced it the way I did last summer in the Big Apple. It was the perfect time for it to be my first time. The supreme court ruled same-sex marriage a nationwide right that weekend, so the energy was very…GAY! So much joy and happiness…and free drinks and awesome parties! …

Namon Eugene

I’m a creative. I make stuff.

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