Caitlin Johnstone and David Cobb Respond to Counterpunch
Caitlin Johnstone

. . . The name of the GP-US U.S. Vice-Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka under David Cobb’s picture at page-top is misspelled. It seems to some that David is making a living running the organization “Move to Amend” which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, getting resolutions and declarations of support from city councils which are just lost in the shuffle of hundreds of such commemorative declarations that placate honorees and are forgotten-about by the next week.

. . . For a really direct citizens’ action, that will do far more than stop the corporate bribery by taking away the incentive to bribe politicians, and has a petition-form that every voter can send to their state official to get around Congress never “biting the hand that feeds it” in corporate campaign-funding, see a complete explanation, read Harry Braun’s site,