Pollen; that environmental irritant signals Mother Nature’s soon-to-be full bloom, while also wreaking havoc on our bodies. It can be a love-hate relationship with our experiencing allergic reactions; those automatic responses that indicate that our body has become hypersensitive to the conditions around it and can no longer function in a normal or effective way.

Allergy season, and how we deal with it, is a great metaphor for our often times unattended emotional body that has its own allergic reactions.

I’m talking about the irritating reflex reactions you have that are caused by your perspective and interpretation of life’s day…

The New Year celebrations are a fading memory. We survived Blue Monday. Now, what lies ahead for 2018 is series of opening and closing doors, filled with possibilities and inevitabilities that will set the course for this to be a game changer year.

An exhilarating thought? Yes, except for the journey to open new doors can be fraught with emotional landmines known as our excuses.

If you are reading this, you want change…be it radical or minuscule. For change to become a reality, we must stop and look at why we are where we are, as well as look at…

Yes…and no.

As a Coach you probably expect me to say that living in a state of gratitude is the single most important emotion you need to consistently embrace. And in doing so, it will enhance your life and deliver good things in spades. However, that’s cookie-cutter armchair coaching and an over-simplification of what it takes to live in today’s world and allow for gratitude to do the work it’s meant to do, physically and emotionally.

So let’s get real.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, of living in deep appreciation, and is an affirmation of goodness. It is a positive, relationship-strengthening emotion and reveals…

Monsters. Creepy-crawlies. Spooky-scaries. As kids, those were the things that lived in dark corners paralyzing us until someone could shine a light on them so the fearful spell they cast would dissipate in truth and understanding.

Now that we are older and wiser, guess what lurks in the dark corners of our adults lives?

Our SHADOW TRAITS; those negative, automatic and unproductive responses to people, situations and events.

Shadow traits, the stumbling blocks and blind spots in our personal and professional lives, are underdeveloped and emotionally memorized strategies that we default to when uncomfortable or stressed. …

It isn’t unusual to hear the “F Word” liberally baked into every day conversations. You know the one; it’s used for fun, for shock value or to underscore a point. It’s also often used in reference to the state of the world, our job or our personal lives, because the tension of living in evolutionary times requires big medicine and for some, this word is just the ticket.

However, regardless of how mainstream colorful language has become, the “F Word” that I’m referring to probably isn’t what you’re thinking.

The “F Word” I’m talking about is one that keeps us…

I’m resurrecting the 1960’s phrase “mind blowing” as I introduce a book, outside the list of mainstream offerings, but guaranteed to be a life changing read: The Magician’s Way by William Whitecloud.

This all-time-favorite, top-of-the-list, must-read book (you getting the picture, here?!) was mind blowing when I first read it and continues to be every time I re-visit it. And I do, often. It’s responsible for taking my life to a whole new level.

You’ll find this captivating novel, filled with practical wisdom, insightful aha’s and astute antidotes, revealing to you:

  • The power of your everyday assumptions and how they…

I love to travel. Period. The more time that passes, the more I find myself growing into a new adventure junkie; a real travel enthusiast with a hunger for collecting more of who I am along the way. It’s my favorite way to grow my life, and I’ve discovered the real traction from travel comes from embodying our experiences and observations and allowing ourselves to be forever changed by them. Here are the top 10 ways travel has put its mark on me.

  1. We are all one. Conversations across the globe show me we are all one in our hopes…

Remember that adventure I talked about in September; the one where I was packing my curiosity right along with my clothes, cosmetics and high school French? Well, it paid off in spades as my trip to London, Paris and their outlying areas included fresh meaningful experiences that have influenced me for my lifetime..

What made the trip most meaningful though, from the first idea that brought it to life to the last detail attended to when back at home, was the fact that it was created and experienced with a Dream Team.

Why? Because Dream Teams create synergy, promote fresh…

This summer is passing quickly. As I am readying myself for another great adventure in just a few days I’m finding it’s time to look into the self-awareness mirror and get inquisitive so that the exploits in front of me are fresh, engaging and very memorable. In other words, I’m not taking any outdated version of myself to where I’m going.

This upcoming escapade has me challenging my perceptions and assumptions, releasing judgment and getting downright curious about me and my possibilities; I’m joining my clients in my ongoing and unwavering invitation to refresh and reinvent ourselves in the very…

I have to admit it, I was eavesdropping. Well not actually eavesdropping, I just overheard a conversation around me; popular local coffeehouse, waiting my turn in line, two friends steeped in a lively loud conversation about their daily lives.

They were really animated as they were bragging to each other about staying in their comfort zone at their jobs, doing the same things each and every day of the week. Part of the exclamation was “yeah sister, with my eyes closed!” A high-five followed.

Want to know something crazy? …

Nancy Carlstrom

Professional Life Coach

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