The Magician’s Way

I’m resurrecting the 1960’s phrase “mind blowing” as I introduce a book, outside the list of mainstream offerings, but guaranteed to be a life changing read: The Magician’s Way by William Whitecloud.

This all-time-favorite, top-of-the-list, must-read book (you getting the picture, here?!) was mind blowing when I first read it and continues to be every time I re-visit it. And I do, often. It’s responsible for taking my life to a whole new level.

You’ll find this captivating novel, filled with practical wisdom, insightful aha’s and astute antidotes, revealing to you:

  • The power of your everyday assumptions and how they severely limit your life
  • Your motivations, strategies and contracts to remain the same
  • The real secret weapons to getting more of what you want
  • The seven powerful secrets to creating magic in every area of your life

Before you sit down, grab a pack of little sticky flags and a highlighter…you’re going to need them! Oh! And spoiler alert: It will change your relationship with potatoes forever. Dive into the book and find out how.

Originally published at on August 15, 2017.