Best Food Dog On The Market

Good dog owners are always worried about this tricky question- what is the best dog food? Selecting the right on is a difficult task because supermarket shelves and pet stores are full of pet food. However, the truth is that dry or semi-moist products are not the most appropriate dog food. Do not go for commercials; this kind of foods will result in health problems for your dog, sooner or later. You need to determine what is considered the best dog food then.

It is very simple. Fresh foods that you purchase for yourself is the best choice for your dogs as well. Think about it-dogs never eaten any canned meals or the processed ones till the 1930s, and they were reared for nearly 150 years already. The fact is, dogs lived for 16–168 years since they had a great diet.

However, you need to ask yourself the best-processed kibble and canned products for dogs. Ingredients are very horrible. Have you ever known that meat used for dogs cannot pass USDA inspection? Big companies use meat from livestock that is dead, disabled or already dead when it arrives the slaughterhouse. Additionally, you should see that growth hormones and antibiotics are injected in the poor livestock to make it grow faster.

Other ingredients that are not right for your animal are the grain. Grains and cereals ought not to be given to dogs. This is because their digestive tract is not designed for this. Dogs have short and straight digestive tracks which are designed to digest meat. So, this is the reason why even the naturally grown corn, wheat, and soy that are not best foods for dogs at all. Additionally, grains used for dog food are unsafe for consumption by humans.

Also, pet food organizations spray greasy fat on their products. Without this kind of spray, their production will not be considered food by your dog. It is the scent that motivates the dog.

Another problem with commercial food is preservatives. The preservatives that are used for the dogs are considered to be harmful by Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Therefore, in conclusion, you should not feed your dog processed food. Some of the healthy foods for dogs are listed here; chicken, venison, fish, eggs, beef, turkey, vegetables, liver, kidney heart and a lot of other foods. Food should be natural, and other than there are not many limitations. You can also use a bit of whole grain. Do not forget about special vitamin supplements; there are very important.

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