Medium? Haven’t worn that size in years

Ok, so that’s my pitiful attempt at a humorous title for my first “article” on medium. Blame it on getting 5 hours of sleep last night, a painful ankle I’ve been dealing with for going on 4 weeks and stress over my Fantasy Football teams 4 byes and no backups for Week 7.

I’ve never blogged before. Well, not in public anyway. I’ve kept a journal of sorts, off and on during various phases of my life. I wish I’d kept one back when I was a 13 year old Beatle fan. Would love to read of my experience the day that I saw them in Milwaukee…onstage for all of 28 minutes. If anyone “knows” me from Meerkat, they know of my continued obsession and have probably been subjected to a tour through my Beatles scrapbook.

I journaled when I was pregnant with my first child and continued when his sister was born almost 3 years later. Then, “real life” got in the way and that fell by the wayside. 3 years ago, I started keeping a short more “notes of what we did today” kind of journal for myself in a Word document. That’s mostly because I have a severe case of CRS (can’t remember shit) and if I need to remember when I last made a dentist appointment or when I actually cashed a check or how long ago I bought that loaf of bread filled with so many preservatives it’s still not molding, I can do a quick search. Yeah, it’s those kinds of very uninteresting things I put in my “journal” now. And my husband and I keep a trip journal. Whenever we go somewhere, we do a daily recap at the end of the day with where we went, what we saw, where we ate, what we ate, and interesting facts we learned along the way. We have our honeymoon trip, a family trip to Hawaii, an anniversary trip to Punta Cana, two February getaway from the ungodly weather in the north trips to Florida, and our recent road trip to South Dakota and Wyoming documented.

I’m hoping one day when I’m REALLY old and grey (getting there….) that I can dig all these out and read them with a smile on my face. I know they will bring tears…they do now already when I think back to some of the memories of when my kids were little, losing parents, losing jobs. But most of all, I hope my kids hang onto them. As a some time genealogist, I know how much I’d love to read things my ancestors wrote, even if they only told me what they had for dinner. :-)

So, who knows how often I’ll “pen” something here in this public forum. I have a few ideas, but these days, even though I’m “retired” and have all the time in the world, I find I don’t have the same motivation as I did just 20 years ago. Just living day to day. Enjoying the ride.

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