How we should move on..

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu passed away yesterday (05/12/2016). I am bothered by the reaction to this melancholic incident. There will be numerous posts/videos on her inspiring qualities or the life she led with slow music , old pictures and what-not. I am not going to add to it. I was motivated to write this by these three reasons:
 Most of us Indians are hypocrites. 
 Most of us are addicts to ‘trending’ and forget it thereafter.
 Most of us glorify someone uninhibitedly only after they die.

I learnt that when you call someone your inspiration you should learn from the entirety of their life. Their good and their shortcomings alike. I wish we take these important lessons from her life and move on because that’s the best way we become better citizens. 
 1. Have immense confidence in yourself, one that doesn’t come out of ignorance.Keep it in check. 
 2. You don’t get to choose all your enemies but you get to choose your friends. Be wise.
 3. Being well read and informed is a wealth. One that gains you respect. 
 4. Fortitude is an asset. Hold your head high but just not too much. 
 5. Be willing to accept constructive criticism. A lifetime of battling brickbats shouldn’t make you incapable of distinguishing criticisms.

I try my best not to be a hypocrite. I write this so I remember and I have always admired her for what she set an example for. One lesson that’s more personal to me than the above is that the two defining parameters of her life : Acting and Politics, was decided for her. She didn’t let that stop her from giving her best in both.I can’t pretend to be weeping but I am sad because I wish she hadn’t spent months in the hospital before she had to die. I would have wished for a regal death with much less suffering. 
It’s so easy to get carried away, let us not forget what we shouldn’t.

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