Are you the crazy founder trying to change the world?


That thing could be your baby.

Maybe it’s your lifestyle.

Maybe it’s the way you express your creativity.

Maybe it’s your love, maybe your passion.

Maybe it’s your first taste of being your own boss.

Maybe it’s your prime source of income or maybe it’s your pocket change.

Maybe it’s a speciality coffee shop, a catering service, an ETSY shop or a social media agency.

Maybe then what you have is a small business.

And then,
Maybe it is self-funded. Maybe it needs VC funding. Maybe it has an exit strategy. Maybe it works on technology. Maybe it does not.

If the business model is scalable. And it is designed to grow fast. And the intent is to shake up the industry or disrupt the market. Only then there are no maybes.

Only then it is a Startup.

The maybes can get confusing.
But what we know for sure, is that..

All newly founded businesses are not startups.
All businesses are certainly not startups.
Most entrepreneurs (normal people) have small businesses.
Some crazy ones trying to change the world, truly have, what we so loosely call a Startup.

“A Startup is a temporary organisation designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.” — Steve Blank.

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