Experts say you should do 1500+ word blog posts. But you choose to do short form posts consistently, instead of doing long form ones inconsistently.

The others are sending their CVs for that dream job at the beach, but you send a video application.

Everyone is using facebook ads to get new customers. You go to google campus, stand on the desk and invite others to try your new app for startups.

Everyone is focussing on getting ‘followers’ on every single platform. You are focussed on engagement and only on one platform that you know you can do well on.

All your buddies are drinking and watching the game, but you are drinking whilst attending the meetup event for entrepreneurs.

All your other MBA friends have taken high-paying corporate jobs. But you take up a low paying startup job so you can learn to hustle.

That’s you zigging when everyone else is zagging.

This is Day #18 of the 30 day writing challenge. Yesterday’s post was: