How the portfolio life is slowly changing the world


‘So what do you do?’

It’s the question he dreads being asked. He hates it really! And he’s only just been there for 10 mins. Now he is wondering if he should just stop attending these social dos. He sighs, smiles half-heartedly, and says, “I am a data analyst with the bank”.

It’s true Tim is a part-time data analyst. But that’s not all he is. He is developing an app with George on the weekends (thanks to the part-time coding course he took 6 months back). He recently launched a new coffee business and each morning he sells coffee from behind a remodelled vintage trailer turned coffee cart. He is also a ghostwriter for an online publication.

So that makes him a data analyst, an entrepreneur, a developer and a writer. And every other Sunday he is a volleyball coach for kids.

Think Tim is unique? Nope. He is your neighbour.

He is the guy who decided that he won’t ‘settle’ anymore. So he is living intentionally instead of just going with the motion.

And he is not alone. He is part of this extraordinary thing happening all around us. The pickers are gone and the number of people who are picking themselves is going up. Of course, some of us will choose to ignore this, so we can continue to hide behind our titles and feel ‘safe’.

But the portfolio life fuelled by the gig economy is here to stay. And the Tims of the world will soon become commonplace.

Humans were never meant to be doing just one thing anyway. That was just society’s way of organising us like products by the skin in which we are packaged.

The Tims & Timothy’s have realised this. And they are on a journey to discover their true calling by doing many different things. They are after what’s called a purpose-driven life. Because anything less will no longer do.

“Amateurs build a skill. Pros build a portfolio.“ — Anonymous

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