So you are a man and you don’t like football


You are a man and you don’t like football. In fact you don’t like any sport.

Or maybe you are a woman and you have no interest in LV bags. In fact you don’t care much about designer bags at all . You’d rather buy that limited edition coffee table book.

Then why watch the highlights of the match before going to work next day?
And why carry that bag to the pool party?

Because otherwise we’ll be left out.
Better learn and conform. Or the hunter-gatherers will ostracise us from the tribe. That’s akin to death, because then there is no way to survive.

We are not living in the stone age, but our brains are still hardwired with the same fear. The fear of rejection. The fear of being ostracised. The fear of not ‘fitting in’.

So we watch football. Do an MBA. Take on debt. Take a high paying corporate job. Get addicted to working for a paycheck. Get married. Buy a house. Take on more debt. Have 2 kids. Spend the rest of our lives paying off our debt. Die regretting not doing a lot more of the things that lighten up our soul.

But hey, at least we did what we were ‘supposed’ to do.

At least we conformed to the norm.

At least we ‘fit it’.

The world will always want us to be vanilla.
But how cool would it be if we could say, ‘You know what, I don’t like vanilla. And, I don’t like watching football either. But I love this docu-series on Netflix. If you’d like, I can send you the link’. 
And be ok with that.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

And life begins to become more real.

We begin to discover our own tribe.

And not ‘fitting in’ becomes the thing we are most proud of.