Why owning a private jet doesn’t mean you are successful


What is success?

Going to an Ivy league school, getting a high paying cubicle job and working for the man.
Getting married.Buying a house & a car. Having 2 kids.
Being able to afford exotic holidays at least twice a year.
Own a private jet.
Having enough money to buy the New York Jets.

Most (mediocre) people’s definition of success is taken by what society would like us to believe. This is so we can be conveniently boxed and identified as a product. Any deviation from the norm and you will be judged, possibly ridiculed and certainly not accepted.

The script of life is already written for these people. All they have to do fit it. As long as they do, they are ‘successful’.

For others who choose to live daringly, Success is..

Waking up each morning with the ‘cannot wait to start my day’ feeling.

Having the guts to show up and be seen, when there is no predictability of outcomes.

Being able to make a living doing work that you can be completely subsumed with.

Being able to bring a positive change in this world, to some lives, or to a life.