Why you should NOT punch fear in the face


I have this great idea.

Oh, but I don’t have funds for it.
If only I had more time.
Oh, but it’s been done so many times in the past.
If only, I knew how to code.
Oh, but my sister’s going to think I am crazy.
If only it was not so risky.
Oh, but who cares what I have to say.
If only…
Oh, but…

We go from being super excited to killing the idea in 5 seconds.

How does that happen? And why?

It’s those gremlins in our head or like Arianna Huffington likes to call it ‘the obnoxious roommate’ at work. That roommate, no matter how we dress it, goes by one name alone.

She’s called FEAR.

Fear of failure, of rejection, of disappointment, of being exposed to others, of being exposed to ourselves, of losing face, of losing respect, of losing.

So we play safe!

But playing safe is the most common path to mediocrity. Mediocrity is worse than awful.

Mediocrity is Meh. And no one cares about Meh.

So now what do we do about our old friend fear?

Break up with her? Punch her in the face? Try to kill her?

No! She is wired into us since the caveman days. There is no point fighting her. After all, we know we need her. She is the one who says “Walk faster! That man with the uncomfortable eyes is too close behind you.” And says “The water is rough. Quick,get out of the sea.” And so many other times, she’s been a true friend.

But when creative thinking kicks in, and fear comes alive, that’s when it’s a problem. Because fear doesn’t understand imagination, ideas & creativity. So she says, “STOP”.

So what do we do?

How about we sit down with Fear like we would with an old friend and say, ‘Thank you for showing up. But I got this one. And I am going to be just fine. I’ll see you around another time. Bye Bye now!’

How about we don’t ‘deal’ with fear. But we learn to dance with it.

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