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Meh. This First Wave believing Feminist realizes that Capitalism and Third Wave Victimization / Anti Male Feminism cannot coexist. Why? Because Capitalism is GENDERLESS and your merit and work gets you everywhere. You either work your ass off to succeed or you don’t. There is no such thing as combining a political belief of only a FEW women (third wave feminism) with something that is not political: Capitalism and Free Markets……. The problem with feminists today is that they eat their own and call those that don’t tow the line as “problem women” and those of us who don’t believe in all the genderless bullshit propaganda from the “nasty women” brigade, are pretty much not included in articles like these. Us old girls in the world who have worked our asses off in male dominated fields and financing options, learned blue collar trades, worked construction, made photocopies, paid our dues, learned at the very bottom with our fellow male counterparts, were treated equally and paid equally for our manual labor which helped us learn our business from all aspects from HR, treating people fairly, Empathy, and most of all it helped us navigate UP and prosper in a Capitalistic Society……Us old girls over the age of 45, Generation X, used our intelligence to make it. Intelligence is only gained through EXPERIENCE. Feminism today depends on only intellectualism, which is no more than theory and having an opinion about something without virtue of experience……If young women want to get financed to start a business today, having a good idea is not enough. You have to go out and engage with those that are the best in your field, men or women, and build your allies and your connections to your end game……My Father was the biggest feminist that I know. He raised my sisters and brothers the same and I have been working since I was 13 years old. My brothers and I had the same chores when younger and we had the same jobs, too……bottom line is this: If you want to be a success you have to stop seeing yourself as a woman or a man, but a hard working human being.

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