Lesson plans: simple mechanisms and basic vehicle concepts with Lego

We are releasing lesson plans we made (consisting of slide shows, documents and pdfs) for any one wanting to conduct workshops on using Lego Technic elements. They can be used to learn about or to teach mechanisms and basic vehicle concepts.

From Ik.IKAZ

These are two sets of lesson plans, one is about the fundamentals in mechanisms, and the other one is about basic elements of vehicle design. Each set is independent, you can use one set of lessons without using the other. Mechanisms and vehicle design are important concepts especially in robotics and mechanical engineering. It can be used by anyone of any age if they’d to make things move for their own projects . This makes it ideal for hobbyists, makers, artists, or anybody interested in pursuing an engineering education. Each lesson plan is intended to be used in a hands-on workshops held in a one to three day time-frame, conducting each session at 3 to 6 hour intervals.

A mechanism is a set of rigid bodies connected by joints in order to accomplish a desired force and/or motion transmission. Topics here include basic power transmissions, chain drives, pulley systems, linkages and a whole lot more.

From Blakbird

Vehicles, more specifically, wheeled vehicles, are mobile machines which transport people or cargo. Topics here include steering, differentials, wheel alignment, transmissions, basic vehicle terms among many other things.


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