Delivered at PYCONPH — University of the Philippines Cebu. February 27, 2016

Hi everyone. I am Mithi.

This is Hexy.

Hexy’s frame is designed and open-sourced by Arcbotics.

You can download it from Github and have it cut from a flat sheet of acrylic by any lazer cutting service provider.

You can screw the parts together with readily available 3m screws and nuts.

My hexy uses 9-gram metal geared micro servo motors as plastic gears and carbon gears are prone to be overloaded by Hexy’s weight.

A servo is a type of motor whose output shaft goes to a desired angular position and stays there.

It does this via a…

Prepared for CSS Day, National University Manila. Delivered on February 12, 2016. Organized by Developers Connect Philippines.

Prepared for University of The Philippines Diliman, Machine Design Summit 2016. 3DR: 3 Discussions on Research, Recreation and Real Life! Delivered on Saturday, January 23, 2016, Engineering Theater.

The best and most fun way to learn and test your programming skills is with robots!

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