The Journey To Hell

Turning the radio up allowed Mary’s anger to rise with the volume. Slowing pushing her foot down on the accelerate, pushing the car to the fasted she could, not worrying about the speed limit sign posts she passed; the speed she was moving she couldn’t read them anyway. Sliding left and right in her seat as she quickly turned the rough country side corners. The road lined by acres of thick forest not a person for miles. Apart from one man.

Every Thursday between 8 and 10 pm, Miles Carrow would go for a jog around his local countryside. Running on the roads as he lived rural and would not often be disturbed by passing cars, until tonight. Recently, Miles had applied for a divorce against his six month married wife Mary. The marriage went successfully but came to a sharp end when Miles had finished banking as much publicity he could being married to a pop star. Only issue he found, was that he could not stand his wife. Her selfish nature and derogatory tone towards her husband was enough to drive him insane. So he filed for a divorce. Well, Mary was not capable of just signing that.

Turning the last corner she was now on a long stretch of a straight road. She continued driving down there getting faster and faster, a figure in the distance was growing larger and larger as she approached her destination. Mary could only just see the white of his eyes, before her car flattened him thinner than the road. Still driving along, she had finally done it. She’d killed him. Now her troubles were over. She continued to drive around the roads for the next half an hour in a celebratory drive until she had come full circle and arrived back at her large manor. Would be quiet now without her husband about. Walking in through the front door she was greeted by her butler who reminded her she was to attended her usual record label meeting every Thursday tomorrow. She stopped in her tracks. Middle of the large living room directly below the chandelier. slowly she turned around to face her butler standing beside the open door, “Tomorrow?” she asked. “Yes Ma’am, today is Wednesday”. Through the still open door, Miles walking in returning home from a quick trip to the local shop. “You okay Mary? Look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Miles commented on Mary’s unusual facial expression and pale face.

“I should be,” Replied Mary. “and I will be!” Mary ran upstairs and locked the bedroom door behind her, then she…

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