Are Nano Hearing Aids a Scam? Don’t Buy Before You Read This Report

Nano Hearing Aids: Affordable, over-the-counter hearing aid models.

Searching for a high-quality and affordable pair of hearing aids can be an overwhelming and often frustrating experience. There are numerous options on the market today, from outrageously expensive brands to over the counter (OTC) models and a host of knock-off or scam products. In most cases, when you think you’ve finally found a product that gives you the perfect balance of quality and price, you suddenly realize that it either doesn’t work as advertised or to make matters worse it’s a knock-off or scam. It’s not a surprise that many people with hearing problems eventually decide to give up and never bother to buy any hearing aids at all.

Does the much talked about Nano brand of hearing aids fall in this scam category or does it really live up to its fame? Read on to find out everything about Nano hearing aids and hopefully make a more informed buying decision before you fork out your hard earned money.

A Review of Nano Hearing Aids

One of the key things that prospective hearing aids users are searching for today is exactly how discreetly the devices can be worn. Today’s user of hearing aids wants tiny, unobtrusive models that fit right inside the ear, which is exactly what Nano promises its users.

We tried to find out how true this claim was and here’s our unbiased report.

First things first, Nano hearing aids are made by leading experts in the industry. The tiny discreet devices are designed with cutting edge technology specifically aimed at helping people with hearing loss problems live better and more fulfilling lives. We can attest that Nano hearing aids are indeed quite small and come with the latest digital technology in the industry.

Nano hearing aids provide what’s known as Completely inside Canal (CIC) hearing devices designed for use by people with all types of hearing loss, from mild to moderate and severe hearing loss. The CIC hearing aids technology is backed by years of research and is available at an affordable price.

Nano hearing devices use advanced patented technology to target all types of hearing loss. You can buy hearing aids over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription. They are not only available at a good price but come with a money back guarantee as well. When you buy a pair of Nano hearing aids, you also get ear buds of different sizes to give the most comfortable snug fit. They are quite small. Nobody will notice that you’re wearing hearing aids unless they look very closely.

Key Features of Nano Hearing Aids

Here are some of the key features of most of the latest Nano hearing aids models such as the RX2000 and RX5000 models.

· The hearing aids come with an amazingly powerful battery with a long battery life

· The devices use patented Nano Advanced Hearing Technology

· They have great wireless connectivity that allows you to sync the hearing aids with your smartphone or TV.

· The company has a wide range of hearing aids products to choose from depending on your needs and budget

· Their site provides hearing tests too

· Compared to other similar styles of hearing aids, Nano hearing aids have a reasonable less expensive price tag

· You can buy the hearing aids over the counter. This direct access eliminates middlemen who often inflate prices of hearing aids products.

· You get the hearing aids with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

· The company provides free shipping and easy returns for their products just in case the hearing aids arrive damaged or fail to perform as promised.

Nano CIC Amplifier Design

Nano hearing aids feature a CIC design that places the device inside the ear canal to give you a more discreet hearing aid style. The hearing aids are sold over the counter because they automatically work for 98% of users. If you feel like taking a hearing test to determine the best type of hearing aids for you, you can easily do it at the company’s website.

Through numerous tests, the company has established that the hearing aids are 87% as effective as most of the other models being sold by doctors for $5,000 or more. Nano hearing aids also come with multiple volume settings that can easily be adjusted using a mini screwdriver included in the package. The hearing aids have enough volume settings to suit the needs of most users.

Buy One Get One Free Offer

It’s also worth mentioning that at present, Nano hearing aids are being sold with an attractive Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offer. We’re not sure how long the offer will last but you may need to rush and take advantage of this offer before it’s pulled down. Remember, Nano makes and sells high-quality digital technology hearing aids at very affordable prices. The average price of most top-level hearing aids in the US ranges between $1,000 to $3,000 yet most Nano hearing aids cost around $350 to $500. The company provides its clients with high-end hearing devices at a cheaper price without compromising on quality. Nano also provides its customers with a 45-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Admittedly, this is one of the best in the hearing aids industry. The company has a 99% customer satisfaction rating with less than 1% returns.

High-Quality Digital CIC Hearing Aids at the Best Prices

If you’re still on the fence about the authenticity of Nano hearing aids products, then take it from us that this is a solid company selling genuine high-quality products. It’s quite natural to suspect a company selling high-quality hearing aids over the counter without a doctor’s prescription but this is because of a legislation passed by the US Congress in August 2017 that allowed hearing aids to be sold OTC. Nano hearing aids are among the first recognized high-quality OTC hearing aids. The Act was passed to help American adults with hearing loss issues to get access to hearing aid products over the counter without having to visit a high-cost hearing care professional. The new law has made hearing devices accessible to many users at an affordable price.