It is not bubbling anymore, we are off to a start. #500kobe

We are now preparing for the 500kobe program. As a internship, I officially took part in this project.

Night view of Kobe

Past few days, Kobe team has been working on setting up the venue of the program. Let me share a part of it.

KIC 4th floor

Well, before the reformation, it was okay office.

Japanese relax space

After the renovations, it changed completely. This is just a part if the office.

We’ve got a Japanese relax space and cafe area. You can gain your energy here.

When you are stacked, we have your best friend, coffee. We have got hundreds cup of coffee from our sponsor.

Pizza, Snack Sausages, Chocolate… we won’t be in trouble with food.

500 members are arriving to Kobe. I am so excited.