“What’s happening Nao?”


Howdy, I am Nao from Kobe, Japan.

Yes, from the city of Kobe. A father named after his son Kobe, because he really impressed by Kobe beef. It is an interesting rumor. Also, I have studied in Texas A&M. Whoop!

In Kobe, I am working for a non-profit IT company, Communitylink.

Communitylink is not normal IT company.

The motto is connecting separated important people around the area. I will explain this sometime…

So.. Okay…I have been joined teams of startup acceleration programs in Kobe as a project assistant.

Now, Kobe is changing into very friendly city for entrepreneurs.

As you know you can hear something bubbling in Kobe… jk

(This is my favorite tag line of 500kobe acceleration program. )

So many things are going on in Kobe.

Kobe Global Startup Gateway, 500 Kobe pre-accelerator program…

This summer, we gonna have 500 program in Kobe.

It is pretty amazing. And I will join the team of 500 project in Kobe.

So i gotta record this awesome experience somewhere, and i chose here Medium.

I am writing about whats happening in the program and great things about Kobe and so on. If you got interested in, please subscribe me.

Peace out!